Just 10 years ago, brands would spend 70~80% of their Marketing Budget on offline and traditional Marketing techniques such as Newspaper, TV ads etc, only turning to Digital with whatever remaining budget they have. If anything, Digital Marketing was more of an afterthought, a good to have, rather than a strategy by itself. Fast forward 10 years later and Big Brands and Companies have shifted their focus.

Zalora today spends 90% of their budget on Digital while Unilever sets aside almost 25% of theirĀ  $8 Billion budget for Digital Media. Entrepreneurs used to strive to own a brick and mortar store, but today we see startups like Love Bonito with no physical store and instead choosing to successfully focusing purely on the Digital space.

Whether you like it or not, times have changed and businesses have to adapt. The traditional way of going door to door to sell your product isn’t quite as cost or energy efficient anymore. Consumers today choose to try products out at physical shops but only purchasing online once they are home. They no longer ask around for recommendations but instead turn to Google for solutions to their problems. Recommendations via Word of mouth is no longer actually done through the mouth, but is instead in the form of likes and follows on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc

Think of the last time you needed something and the process of your purchase. Chances are that your first reaction was to whip out your phone to Google more about it and the options available to you. What is funny is that the same people who do that for their own purchases are sometimes also the same business people who disregard Digital Marketing and the importance of SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing etc. In this day and age, a good Digital Marketing plan would not guarantee you success but any startup/business without a proper Digital Marketing Strategy is bound to fail.

Why the need for this Digital Marketing Blog?

Unlike passion, desire, hunger for success or any other traits of a successful entrepreneur, Digital Marketing is not an inborn skill. Digital Marketing is an acquired skill that individuals have to actually pick up and learn. It is based on sets of Algorithms set by search engines and social media platforms.

These skill sets aren’t taught in school nor would an average individual chance upon learning all these in their everyday life. We yearn to use this Digital Marketing Blog to spread the wealth of knowledge we have gathered and learnt throughout our years in Digital Marketing.

Whats more, Digital marketing isn’t a one off solution. Algorithms & trends change ever so frequently and a blog is the best way to share latest Digital Marketing news & information.

The story behind this Digital Marketing Blog


We were entrepreneurs starting out without any digital marketing background. So like most others would, we hired a web designer to do up our site for us. He was a recommended through mutual connections and we didn’t think too much into it.

All was well in the beginning until the point we made full payment after he completed our site. He then wanted us to sign a “maintenance” package with him thereafter and when we refused, things turned for the worse as he turn nasty. Things got so bad that he basically didn’t want to allow us access to the site’s back-end and basically left our site to die. A year later when our site was due for it’s domain renewal, he did not even bother telling us causing our site to just go down one fine day.

It was then that we learnt the importance of business ethics and took it upon ourselves to pickup our digital marketing skills. We took on plenty of courses, applied them, tweak them, made changes and over time learnt what works and what doesn’t. In retrospect, we are able to emerged today as a more complete digital marketing agency is because of our initial setback with an unethical web developer.

Who should read this Digital Marketing Blog?

This Digital Marketing Blog is targeted towards Startups and Entrepreneurs who would be able to use our tips & tricks to help provide them an advantage in their Digital marketing strategy. Digital Marketing Professionals and enthusiast would also find this Digital Blog extremely helpful as we share and discuss strategies, techniques and changes to the digital marketing realm.

The people behind this Digital Marketing Blog.

Alvin is an avid Digital Marketing professional who lives and breathes all things Digital. He’s a certified Google Professional on a constant quest to learn about trends, technologies and algorithms. His undying passion for Digital Marketing has seen him single handedly being able to manage approximately 50k followers across platforms and personally managing a monthly ad budget of close to SG$10k.

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